The tower at the west end of the church

At the base of the tower, affixed to the end wall, is a notice board (of unknown date) offering guidance to behavior during Services

notice board

Text of the notice is as follows:
CANON XVIII     Reverence and Attention to be ufed within the church in time of Divine Service

In the time of Divine Service, and of every part therof, all due Reverence is to be ufed, for it is according to the .........
Let all things be done decently, and according to order: anfwerable to which Decency and Order, we judge there our directions following No man fhall cover his head in the Church or Chapel, in the time of Divine Service, except he have fome infirmity .......All manner of perfons then prefent fhall reverently kneel on their knees, when the general Confeffion, Litany, .................. Read: and fhall ftand up at the faying of the Belief, according to the Rules in that behalf prefcribed ................... Prayer: and likewife when in time of Divine Service the Lord Jefus be mentioned, due and lowly reverence ...... By all perfons prefent, as it hath been accuftomed ---------- None either Man, Woman Child, of what ...... fhall be otherwife at fuch times bufied in the Church, than in quiet Attendance to hear, mark and underftand that which is read .................; faying in their due place audibly with the Minifter, the Confeffion, the Lords Prayer and the ..............and making fuch other anfwers to the public Prayers, as are appointed in the Book of Common Prayer ...the...fhall...difturb the Service, or Sermon, by walking, or talking, or any other way, not depart out of the church.........time of Service, or Sermon, without fome urgent or reafonable caufe.

CANON XIX.    Loiterers not to be fuffered near the Church in time of Divine Service
The Churchwardens fhall not fuffer and idol perfons to abide in the Church-yard, not Church porch, during ....of Divine Service, or Preaching; but fhall caufe them either to come in, or to depart.

To the left of the notice board, is the 17th century clock mechanism

clock mechanism

In the Belfrey, is hung a ring of 3 Bells.
The bells are examples of 15th. and 16th. century craftmanship, with one bell having been recaste in 1754. (source - British History Online)
The bells are rung on selected occasions, by a group of local enthusiasts