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Ox plough project

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A bit about Wulu

Wulu Town is 21 miles south of Rumbek in South Sudan. The roads are not tarmacked and deteriorate badly in the rainy season. So 21 miles will generally take a couple of hours by car.
Following the peace agreement ending the Second Sudanese Civil War, the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement chose Rumbek to serve as the temporary administrative centre of the Government of Southern Sudan. Juba is now the capital. It is a two day journey by road
Wulu is about here!
According to the 2008 census, the population of Wulu is about 40,550. The people are mainly from the Jur - Bëlï, a minority tribe in South Sudan. They are an agricultural people, living in scattered forest land. There are 5 main languages.
The area is well served by rivers: River Rua in the west, Wako in the South and Barnaam in the east. The rivers have a plentiful water supply throughout the year, which has enabled large human populations crowded into small farming hamlets scattered all over the area. Across the area there is a range of roads in the Wulu Diocese, different types of land including woodland savanna, grass lands and swamps.

Wulu is a young diocese which was inaugurated on 29th July 2018 and it covers a large area. The Ox Plough project is based in Domoloto, an area 23 miles south of Wulu town. The Diocese has 5 archdeaconries with 28 parishes and 12 sub-parishes. There are 22 pastors and 18 deacons working full time on a voluntary basis.
There is only one church building in the Diocese that is built of brick and this has now become the cathedral for the Diocese. Some churches meet under a roof of grass thatching, but most meet under trees. Bishop Zechariah says that they thank God for giving them good trees! He says that it does not matter where the church meets, but that they are able to deliver God’s services to his people.

In addition to the Domoloto Women’s Farming Project, Wulu Diocese has a number of projects that it hopes to complete over the next five years:

In a recent email, Bishop Zechariah says: “I really appreciate and thank you very much for the support you are giving to our women’s groups. The amount mentioned is big and much helpful to us if God adds his blessing to it.”
He then goes on to ask us to advocate and lobby for more friends to support the other projects that they would like to undertake. “We have nobody to do this for us!”, he says. So if you do happen to know of an individual, business, or Trust that would like to make a significant impact, do put in a word!
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